General and Laparoscopic Surgery

A variety of minimally invasive procedures that
span across different areas of the body, performed by general surgeons with expert knowledge.

What is General & Laparoscopic Surgery?

General surgery is a comprehensive surgical speciality that addresses key areas—the abdomen, breasts, gastrointestinal tract and endocrine system. As a consultant general surgeon, I have a multifaceted set of skills and a broad scope of knowledge that allows me to diagnose a range of conditions. For this reason, we’re often assigned critical care, surgical oncology and trauma cases. In most situations, your doctor will be responsible for advising you to consult with a general surgeon; either planned ahead of time or for an emergency procedure.

Laparoscopic surgery is a minimally invasive technique I offer for most surgeries that fall under the general speciality. Also known as keyhole surgery, it’s adopted by specially trained surgeons and involves a minuscule camera and small incisions, within which we manipulate tools to cut and sew tissue with precision.

Benefits of Laparoscopic Surgery

Choosing this technique comes with a significant set of advantages in comparison to traditional open surgery, especially when you consider post-operative care and comfort. The rule of thumb is that smaller incisions lead to bigger benefits, such as:


Faster healing


Less pain in recovery


Smaller scars, internally & externally


Shorter hospital stay & reduced expenses

These benefits could also result in a more speedy road to your normal daily routine; however, before opting for this minimally invasive technique, it’s important to remember that we’ll first have to determine whether the surgical route is right for you.


I’m a mother of 4. I went to Dr. Taghreed for a consultancy. She listened to my concerns and suggested the best procedure that suits my requirement. We agreed to proceed with surgery, and she explained the process thoroughly and answered all of my questions.

On the morning of the surgery, she visited me before I went into the operating room to ensure I didn’t have any more questions. Even post-op, she was very helpful in managing my pain. I haven’t come across any doctor who goes to an extra length to help their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Taghreed.

Zahra Arif

As a surgeon, Dr Taghreed is the best I have ever come across internationally and I have had a lot of surgeries for one thing and another! As a medical practitioner, her commitment to her patient’s (my) physical and emotional wellbeing is without comparison. The icing on the cake is her aftercare. Dr.Taghreed provided me with help and advice that will help me always. Thank you Dr. and your team, you are outstanding.

Ali Ed


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