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General Surgeon in Dubai

Discover a range of options across bariatric, general,
laparoscopic and breast surgery.

Since 2000

Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Restoring my patients’ hope and health is what inspires me daily. For over 20 years, I’ve dedicated my career to making a difference in people’s lives by nurturing every aspect of their care, from the moment we’re introduced to after they’ve recovered. I’m an American board-certified surgeon with a clinical focus on breast procedures who has lead innovative clinical research, been published in several peer-reviewed journals and mastered the highest calibre of skill; however, it’s undeniable that my practice also relies on an often overlooked, yet crucial element—consistent patient support.

As a consultant surgeon at esteemed hospitals across Canada, the United States and, now, the UAE, I have practised various surgical specialities, including general, bariatric, laparoscopic and breast surgery. And the consensus across the board is that surgical patients don’t expect comprehensive support from their doctor pre- or post-op. Well, I’m here to change that. No matter when a patient reaches out, I’m always prepared to lend my hands, heart and expertise to facilitate their journey to transformed health.

It’s the prospect of getting to know every patient that motivates my search for their best-suited solution, but my standing as an accomplished member of the American Association of Cancer Research and the American College of Surgeons ensures the surgical protocols I follow are executed flawlessly. By combining my multifaceted experience with my patients’ individual lifestyle goals, I can build a specific course of action and advocate for it with passion and unyielding honesty.

Everyone deserves compassion and guided support alongside expert treatment, and I’m determined to make sure you receive both.

I Promise to Always

Consistently Care

Every consultation is an opportunity to know my patients
better; it’s important that the solutions I provide are in
line with particular lifestyles and goals. I won’t stop
checking in until I’m sure they’re on the right track, pre-
and post-op.

Take Responsibility

What drives me to stay at the forefront of
innovative solutions, technique and
expertise is my ability and duty to offer
individuals the best chance at a healthy and
happy life.

Uphold Integrity

Securing every patient’s wellbeing is what
steers the course of treatment I recommend.
You can always expect uncompromising
honesty and dependable advice regardless
of whether I suggest surgery.

Provide Accessibility

I have an open-door approach. If you’re
seeking my medical advice, no matter how
small you think your concerns may be, I
encourage you to get in touch. After all,
that’s why I’m here.

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